Free Applications for your Garmin Smart Watch

Earn back some snacks on your next run with our new Magical Miles Snack Tracker data field!

Theme Park and Ski Lift Wait Times

Going to your favorite theme park or ski resort? Get the wait times for all the rides and lifts right on your wrist! This widget uses your GPS location to find the closest theme parks and ski resorts to you. Simply select a park to see the wait times for every attraction! Supports 100+ different parks worldwide, including Disney, Universal, Six Flags, and Vail Resorts.

Magical Miles Snack Tracker

Ever wondered how many snacks you burned during your last run? This is the companion app you need, especially if you're participating in certain theme park race experiences! Add this Data Field to your device's built-in Running application to track your favorite theme park snacks, you've earned them!

Magical Miles Snack Tracker (Black/White)

A simpler, black and white version of our Magical Miles Snack Tracker. Best for use on limited color and low memory devices. Tracks all the same snacks as the main version!

GPS Position

Simple app to display current position information in a variety of different formats. Supports Latitude & Longitude, MGRS, USNG, UTM, QTH Locator, UK Grid, and Swiss Grid. 150,000+ downloads!

GPS Position Widget

Widget version of our popular GPS Position application! Now get faster access to your current location right from your device's app carousel or glance page! All features of the original application version are included!

Workout Timer

Countdown timer app for measuring sections of workouts. Useful for measuring rest periods between lifting, holding poses in body line work, breathwork, and many more activities.

CO2 Reduced Data Field

Data field that displays the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) you have reduced by walking/biking/running vs. driving the same distance in a car. Avoid some car trips and help save the planet!

Morse Code

Portable Morse Code reference guide that goes with you everywhere! Contains letters, numbers, symbols, prosigns (procedural signals), useful phrases, Q codes, and notes that make up the International Morse Code.

Aurebesh Translator

Provides translations for letters, numbers, and symbols for the Aurebesh, the 'alphabet' from a galaxy far, far away. Perfect companion for your next Star Wars event! Ability to vibrate letter patterns in Morse Code.

GPS Position Data Field

Simple data field to display current position information in a variety of different formats which are configured in Garmin Connect/Garmin Express settings. UTM/USNG/MGRS positions are using NAD83/WGS84 datum. Each "page" is cycled through on a 5 or 10 second interval.

Tempo BPM

Tap out a song tempo on the screen of your device to calculate the beats per minute (BPM). Can also be used as a manual heart rate monitor if you have very very accurate tapping!

TUB3D (Android Game)

Speed through an endless spinning, spiraling tube. Do you have what it takes to survive?